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In case you were ever wondering when you shop or drive by Point 2 Running Company in the Tech Center in Newport News, Virginia, “Point 2” refers to a distance: 385 yards or 2/10 of a mile.

“In a marathon, the final .2 miles is a special stretch of the course – your body hurts all over, your quads are screaming, your lungs are burning,” Point 2 says. “But you made it!”

For those whose don’t have a marathon as a goal, but want to RUN, there is another 2/10 of a mile that’s just as important – the first .2 miles you ever run.

Whatever your goal may be – whether it be completing a marathon or just getting started – Point 2 Running Company is there for their customers. With gear. With advice. With support.

Spain Commercial, Inc. was proud to be there for them when they needed to build out their location to better serve the runners and endurance athletes of Hampton Roads.